Do you ever get the feeling that we make our prayers too complicated? 

Some days our prayers pour out easily. Other days we get stuck. If you ever find your heart burdened, full, and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to find words that feel adequate. We need a way to pray, to give voice to the thoughts, feelings, and heaviness of heart.  Several years ago I came across a book called Praying in Color.   

The concept was so simple and easy! I found I could release my prayers through line and color. Eventually, I was able to find clarity and release. Doodles aren’t meant to be a masterpiece. We’re not getting graded for art class. Doodling our prayers is putting simple movement to the burdens of your heart. Some doodles are angry and sharp, while others are slow and meandering. Your pen will know what you need once you begin. 

Doodling your prayers brings freedom, relieves the pressure of performance, and ultimately brings us to a place of surrender.




 Here are a few easy steps for doodling your prayers:  

1. Use a page in an art journal, sketchbook, or notebook
2. Choose some scrapbook paper, magazine page, or junk mail you can easily doodle on
3. Tape or glue the paper into your journal page (I find double sided tape to be the easiest)
4. Add some washi tape or stickers for a little extra decoration
5. Using a pen that won’t smear, begin to doodle around shapes and objects while thinking and praying for particular things/people. On the example below, each flower represented a different area of my life.
6. Practice taking deep breaths in and out as you doodle and pray, releasing your prayers with each breath and movement of your pen

Rest and enjoy!

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